TV / Radio transmitting stations, GSM stations, Picture and voice production studios, air conditioners, neon and laser lighting, printing Office and textile machines, photograph edition machines, watering pumps, ships, electrical motors, Uninterruptable Power Supplies and all kind of electrical devices which are sensitive to voltage  alterations are protected from grid problems by these regulators with– 400 V / sn regulating speed. This product is made of high quality semi-conductor material.It can operate with high efficiency and capacity when the voltage changes quickly.

voltaj regülatör resmi


* Smart control and protection unit with microprocessor based electronic Circuit cards.
* Reliable usage for all sensitive electrical devices.
* 1-200 kVA Power.Power distances between 1 – 200 kVA  as 1 and 3 phases
* Regulating between 160 V AC – 280 V * Voltage regulation speed as 300 – 400 V / sn
* Static Design with Thristör technology * Stylish design,high efficiency
* LCD  view board
* LOW-HIGH output voltage protection and RELAY UNIT for first-run delay (optional)

voltaj regülatör resmi



1.The values and messages at the first line of LCD:

IN     : xxx    : Regulator AC input   voltage

OUT  : xxx     : Regulator AC output voltage


2. The values and messages at the second line of LCD:

Regulator On: It defines that the input voltage is in normal values,no  over temperature and no defect or failure

Regulator Wait:  When there is an error with input voltage, when there is dangerous high temperature or a electronic board failure,a warning displays and indicates the error.

voltaj regülatör resmi


Output  Normal   
It displays that the regulator output voltage is in the normal values.Output protection relay is at “on” position and the output voltage of regulator is at nominal voltage.

Output Failure

It displays that the regulator output voltage is out of the normal values.In that case the output protection relay is not at “on” position and there is no voltage at regulator output.

Over Temp.

It displays that the Regulator is at very high temperature.In that case, the output protection is not at “on” position and there is no voltage at regulator output.