You can make your needed DC / AC energy conversion at your home or office easily, relaibly, uninterruptibly by using the inverters. You can conversate your DC energy to 220 V AC, that you provided from Solar systems or any DC Power source you use… So All kind of systems and electronic devices requiring AC energy could be used.Inverters are produced according to   many application fields as to output waveforms, output powers.

The Inverters produced by new technology are the Power supplies Operating the electrical devices which use 220 VAC Power.Because of the DC energy source, inverters provide a long time Operating for land & sea vehicles, industrial  associations, Telecom centrals when the electric network is absent there.The inverters with Small Power output are light weighted and easy carriable. They can provide all kind of Technical requirement with their Power options from 50W up to 50kW, silent Operating modes and high efficiencies.

 Our Inverters are produced as 12, 24, 48 & 96 VDC input voltage values and 220 VAC +/- %1 output voltage values.If our costumers desire, we can add some different accesories.





• Microprocessor  controlled
• Various input/output waveform options
• High Efficiency and reliability
• Static and dynamic regulation
• easy assembling
• Large scale product option
• Automatic over load protection
• Over temperature protection
• Reverse polarization protection
• Short Circuit protected AC output
• Low battery voltage control
• Alarm and warning outputs
• LED or LCD display



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When there is no electricity, the inverters are the devices that invert the DC voltage which it gets from an accumulator or regulator to 220V AC Voltage.So it gives electric energy to the devices which are Operating by AC Voltage.These are the products designed for providing bias to  electrical home devices as TV,refrigrator,computer systems or Office devices as server, printer and different AC systems as electric motors and electronic devices.


Power scale from1 to 40 kVA
Static Structure with PWM and IGBT technology
Sinus,Square  or triangle wave output
Low cost Energy consumption
Over current , over voltage and over temperature protection
Protection for reverse polarization of DC bias.

AC Motor start feature