Solar Light Box

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Dunya Prestige Solar Lightbox product is a product which it can be used for Solar Lighting. It also includes all the solar system components integrated inside. It is a small box so it is a product which can start a new age for the easy-to-carry Solar lighting. With its Light form and bag shape, it can be carried everywhere where required. Solar Light Box is independent from any electric source so it can be automatically charged where there is sun Light. And whenever or whereever it is required, it lets required lighting by the LED projector on it with full performance. The handle lets to hold it easily and the shoes which are under the box, lets it stand on everykind of ground. Solar Light Box is waterproof. At the rearside of the Solar Light Box product includes a 5W solar panel which can charge it and convert the Sun Light in to the electricity. LED displays that are on the box indicate the battery situation to the user. One of the other important options of Solar Light Box isthat it can be charged with the mains electricity by the charge cable which is presented alongwith it.


Solar Panel: 5W
Charge Regulator: 12V 3A (DPE)
Battery: 12V 7Ah
Lamp Type : 170 LED’li LED Projektör
Light Intensity: 30.000 mCd
Colour of the Light: White, Yellow, Blue
Lighting Angle: 30° Point Lighting
Operation Temperature: -20 +70 °C
Lighting Duration: If the battery is full, it will Light for 12 hours non stop.
Charging Duration: Approx. Between 5 and 7 Hrs under full Sun irradiance
Charging Duration From The Grid: 2 Hours
Battery Discharge Load Cut: 10V
Reconnect Voltage : 12V
Display of the Battery Situation: 2 Pieces of 3mm LED (Red=Empty), (Green=Full)
Display of the Mains Charge Situation: 1 Piece of 3mm LED
(Green = It is On)
Dimensions: 29,6 x 22,0 x 9,3 cm
Weight: 4,8 kg
Coating: Anti static White Coating
Case: Plastic Handle, 4 pieces of plastic shoe base, Prism Steel Plate


-- Mountain and Vineyard
-- Gardens
-- Picnic and Camping Places
-- Inside the tents, Camps
-- Lakel, Pool and Watersides
-- Boats, Yachts, rowboats
-- Caravans
And at the places where there is no electricity and the lighting required.