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BAE solar batteries are used in renewable energy applications such as photovoltaic power generation. They are used in hybrid applications as well as in stand-alone photovoltaic systems. BAE solar batteries are characterized by an outstanding high cyclic capability and excellent recharging behavior.

Based on the specific system requirements BAE offers low maintenance VLA batteries with liquid electrolyte as well as maintenance free batteries in VRLA-GEL technology. Due to the high cycle life requirements tubular plates are used.

BAE solar batteries reflect outstanding quality by:

  • long cycle life in daily cycling applications approved acc. to IEC 61427
  • fully insulated battery design to ensure touch protection
  • excellent deep discharge capability
  • slidable patented BAE "Panzerpole" for perfect reliability
  • external intercell connector design for all solar block batteries
  • easy access for measurements via service ring and pole screw ensured
  • customized product solutions available