Charge Regulators


Charge regulators are used for storing the energy which is obtained from the solar modules to the batteries. The Voltage which is come into existence within the solar Panels is variable during whole day, So without using the solar charge regulators ,it’s imposissble to charge the batteries.Charge regulators are actually used for regulating the energy and control the Battery’s State of Charge Positions.With its microcontroller mounted on the board,and by using the software of the microcontroller,it chooses the optimum Operating mode by checking Sun,batteries and load conditions.These Softwares are consist of very complicated algorythms. Charge Regulators are produced with Digital or LED displays.It monitors and check the Voltage-current control at the solar Panels and batteries, It chooses the optimum charge mode from the 3 types of the charge mode by checking the instant State of the batteries.And so it charges the batteries and help them stay with long lifetime.

Here program adjusts itself according to the capacity and lifetime of the accumulator. State of charge is always considered for all adjustment and command functions.The Main function of the regulators is charging the storage batteries optimally. The one of Innovations about Solar Charge regulators is the display elements which give information about the State of Charge. They include some LED diodes and 16 character LCD.

 The system must be operated at all kind of atmosphere conditions relaibly and without any trouble.Due to supervise the energy flow of the system and prevent the probable damages or faulty measurements.System must be monitored and protected.There is a system for protecting of probable problems and informing these problems to the user in the conditions as Short Circuit,wrong connection,over load,low battery Voltage or panel failures of System Output Voltages.The device which does all of these tasks is a charge regulator.

For the Charge Regulators are used for storing to the batteries the DC Voltage energy which is coming from the solar modules, they’re produced as 12 Volt /24Volt /48Volt.And they’re produced as between 6A-150A.These Regulators could give standart output powers.Or they could be produced to give specific output Power if required.

While using the charge regulators, the point to be attentive is to use them at same DC Voltage value as  the solar module voltages and Current values.



System Voltage

12V DC

PV Current

10A max.

Load Current

10A continue and 15A for 30 seconds

Temperature Range

-20ºC …….+50ºC

Temperature Coefficient of ChargeVoltage

<30ºC ambient then 24mV/ºC
>30ºC ambient then 36mV/ºC

Temperature Sensor

LM335 externally (mounted on battery clamp)

Charge Cycle

I Uo U Uo=14,4V for 2 hours U=13,8V float

Deep Discharge Protection

Load cut off at 11,5V

Re-connect Voltage

Load reconnect at 12,6V

Load Overvoltage Protection

Load disconnect above 16V

Charge cycle period

1 Day

Disconnect voltage PV



120 X 95 mm

Software Owner

Dünya Prestij Elektronik

Battery Reverse Connection Protection

Diode in series with battery

ECR Programming

by jumper on PCB (4 possible settings)
J1 70   Ah 100 Wh/Day
J2 100 Ah 200 Wh/Day   
J3 120 Ah 400 Wh/Day

ECR led's on the front (3)

top led 100% middle led 66% lowest led 33%

ECR Buzzer or horn

sounds for 10 seconds at 33% level

ECR Reset Recognition

gt;5 hours no PV-voltage (night) reconnect load after 0,25 hour of daylight

Accuracy of Measurement


Alarm System Connector

1x BAT
1X BUZZER                                                       1X COAX IN OUT

Charge System Connector

1x PV
1x BAT
2x LOAD (parallel)     1x Temperature sensor

Energy Consumption


IP Classification

IP44 (when housing in enclosed)

Corrosion protection

Thick coating of PCB


 PCB= Printed Circuit Bord
ECR= Energy Consumption Regulator (Limiter)



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