BAE Stationary Batteries stationary products

BAE stationary batteries are used wherever perfect reliable power supply has to be ensured, both for a few seconds and for hours. Typical applications are Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) - systems as to be found in data centers, telecommunication installations or hospitals and airports. Further applications are backup systems used in power plants or industry and infrastructure systems.

BAE stationary batteries are available in low maintenance VLA and maintenance free VRLA-GEL design. For high current applications, batteries with positive grid plates (OGi or OGiV) are used. In applications which require long term discharges and/or high cycle life batteries with positive tubular plates (OPzS or OPzV) are used.

BAE stationary batteries reflect outstanding quality by:

  • approved life time of more than 20 years in stand by applications
  • fully insulated battery design to ensure touch protection
  • excellent deep discharge capability
  • slidable patented BAE "Panzerpole" for perfect reliability
  • external intercell connector design for all block batteries
  • easy access for measurements via service ring and pole screw ensured
  • customized product solutions available