Power Leds

power led fotoğrafı  
power led fotoğrafı
power led fotoğrafı

power led fotoğrafı


"LED" word is the abbreviated word form of L ight E mitting D iode by collecting the initial letters of the sentence in English. A LED Chip is an opto - electronical component that is made of an active layer which is put amongst a N and P type semiconductor and is constituted of its electrical connections. When a current is created on LED through the correct way, the electrons stimulate the active layer and the light becomes generated at that active layer.Afterwards the light which is generated spreads out through the window layer or the reflector.

They have a large colour scale.
They are produced as 1W and 3W.
The operating voltage is between 3 and 5V.
Their currents are between 350 and 700mA.
They are produced as the form that they can be assembled to the heatsink.
Their light angles could be changed by using various lenses.
They could be made of one or multiple chips.
They are produced in many various cases. (Circle,Star,square,TO 220)
Their life times are varies between 50.000 and 100.000 hours.
The light that they are spreding does not contain UV.